By Laws

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Quad State Bass Club






Name: The name of the club shall be Quad State Bass Club (Quad State).


Purpose:  It shall be the purpose of the Quad State Bass Club to:

Section 1.       

Sponsor and Manage the Quad State Tournaments.

Section 2.       

Promote competitive bass fishing tournaments and sportsmanship.

Section 3.       

To organize bass fishermen into a common body for sport fishing.

Section 4.       

Promote opportunities designed to nurture and encourage youth to  appreciate sportsmanship and outdoor activities.

Section 5.       

To stimulate awareness for careful preservation and protection of our natural resources.



Governance:  The Board of Directors (Board) shall govern the Quad State Bass Club, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws duly adopted by the membership.

A.  The Board shall be the administrative body of the Quad State, It shall consent and approve presidential appointments of special committees and chairpersons; It shall approve the budgets of all committees and other programs or projects requiring budgets or funding; It shall determine the bank(s) in which the funds of the Quad State are to be deposited; It shall approve expenditures of the Board and committees.  It may authorize any elected officer, appointed officer, or other person to negotiate contracts for any lawful purpose of the Quad State, but no such contract shall be effective until it has been reviewed by legal counsel and approved by a majority of the Board present in any approved Quad State meeting.

B.  The Board may engage the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who shall annually audit the books, records and budgetary accounts of the Quad State, and such others matters as may be turned over to the Board by the President within such time it shall indicate, together with such recommendations as it shall deem appropriate.  The Board shall review periodically the books, records and accounts of the Quad State to keep abreast of its financial status.

Section 1.       

Fiscal Year: The Fiscal Year shall be January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year.                                                                      

Section 2.       

Meetings:  Annual Board meetings shall be held in January and June of each year, time and place to be determined by the Board.  In this meeting, the agenda shall include the Board’s report of the previous meeting activities, the proposed activities, budget and semi-annual financial report.  Election of officers and filling vacant Board positions shall be included when applicable.

Section 3.       

Regular Meetings: The General and Affiliate membership qualifying for membership as defined in these Bylaws and who have paid current annual dues can attend the semi-annual and any special meetings.  However, only club presidents or designated club representatives at the January, June or special meetings can vote.

Section 4.       

Special Meetings: A special meeting may be called by the President upon receipt of verbal or written request signed by ten or more qualified members.  Sufficient notice of such meeting shall be made to the Board.  Such notice must specify issues to be discussed, date, time, and place of meeting.  No other business may come before the assembly, EXCEPT on a motion passed by a majority vote.

Section 5.       

Quorum: A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum, and a quorum shall be necessary to consider any question that may come before any meeting of the Board except as otherwise provided herein.  If a quorum is not present at a duly assembled meeting, those individuals present may conduct the meeting from time to time, but may not transact any other business until a quorum of the Board is secured.  A quorum being present, the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board present, shall be necessary to decide any questions.

Section 6.       


Regular and Affiliate member clubs shall have one (1) vote during general and special meetings and shall have equal rights and privileges, however, in no event shall there be more than one (1) vote per member club.

Section 7.       


There shall be five classes of membership:

A.  Regular Club Membership:

Any nonprofit club within the state of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas, who have met all financial obligation as established in the Bylaws.         

B.  Affiliate Club Membership:

Members of any nonprofit club outside of the boundaries of the Quad State waters, who are interested in fishing the Quad State circuit, adhering to the Quad State rules as established in the Bylaws and paying membership dues.

C.  Life Time Individual Membership:

This membership (waving of annual dues) shall be awarded to any Quad State member, in good standing with the club at sixty-two (62) years of age or older; this membership must be approved at a semi-annual meeting.        

D.  Youth Membership:

Non-voting members, ages ten (10) through seventeen (17) years of age, functioning in an auxiliary capacity; and adhering to all special provision and rules as determined by the Board.

E.  Regular and Affiliate Club Membership:

Shall be limited to individuals eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Members must be willing to chair committees, participate in fund raising activities for the furtherance of the clubs’ objective and purpose; and all members must agree to adhere to all club policies and procedures prior to membership and be current on all dues.

Section 8.       


A. Removal: 

Any member club, Quad Sate officer or individual member may be expelled from Quad State for misconduct, poor sportsmanship or any other action deem detrimental to Quad Sate by the Board, provided that the expulsion is supported by at least two-thirds vote by the Board.

B. Resignation: 

A member club may resign by written resignation submitted to the Board, such resignation are effective when accepted by the Board.  Club dues are nonrefundable. 

ARTICLE IV: Board of Directors, Members, Officer, Elections and Terms:                     

Section 1.       

Board of Directors shall consist of Member Club Presidents and the elected Quad State Officers.

Section 2.       

The elected officers of Quad State shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Tournament Director and Treasurer.  These officers shall be elected by the Club Presidents at its’ semi-annual meeting in January and shall hold office until their successor are duly elected and installed.

Section 3.       

The appointed officers shall consist of: Historian, Chaplain, Legal Counsel, Parliamentarian, and such others as may be required to carry out designated offices and shall be appointed by the Board President, subject to the approval of the Board and membership.  All appointed officers shall serve as ex-officio members of the Board.  They shall serve without voting privileges.

Section 4.       

Duties of Officers.    

A.  President: 

The President shall be the chief executive officer of Quad State.  He/she shall appoint all chairperson and members of committees not otherwise provided for in the Bylaws; he/she shall represent the club at all meetings; he/she shall sign all official documents of the club; he/she shall preside at all meetings; he/she shall together with the treasurer, or in his/her absence, the Vice President with the Treasurer or in the absence of either of these officials provided in the Bylaws or other provisions of the articles of incorporation shall submit and he/she shall do all other things generally done by the Office of the President.  The President is authorized to call any meeting into Executive Session, which consist of Board members only.

B. Vice President:

The Vice President shall assume the office of President in the event of his/her death, resignation or removal of the President.  He/she shall preside at all meetings of the club in the absence or disability of the President.  The Vice President shall oversee all committees.

C. Secretary: 

The Secretary shall received and present to the club all correspondence.  He/she shall be charged with and respond to all necessary correspondence, and shall seek guidance from the club when the policy of the club does not cover the text of the correspondence.  Shall keep the minutes of the club, taking caution and care in recording the maker and seconding voice of all motions, as well as the record of the outcome of all votes.  He/she shall notify all committees of their appointment and the assignment of business.  He/she shall sign all official documents when necessary or requested.

D. Treasurer: 

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the club.  He/she shall receive all funds from the membership for dues or fund-raisers, and shall give the appropriate receipts and carefully log in the appropriate records under what budget the funds are received; he/she shall deposit all funds in such bank(s) as are approved by the club.  He/she shall disburse funds as designated by the Board or President, by check only, and only upon a check signed as provided in the Bylaws.  He/she shall keep a record of the budgets, bills and expenditures of the various committees and officers.  He/she shall make a semi-annual report to the club and to the President upon request, of all receipts and disbursements.  Within thirty (30) days of the installation of officers, irrespective of his/her re-election, he/she shall turn over to the club all of his/her books and financial record for auditing.

E. Chaplain: 

The Chaplain is the official clergyman of the club.  He/she shall perform and/or direct all religious exercises in the meetings, businesses and other programs requiring the performance of religious services.

F. Historian: 

The Historian shall collect and compile all historical data pertaining to the club and its’ activities.

G. Tournament Director:

The Tournament Director shall oversee all tournaments, maintain tournament records and present awards.

H. Charter President:

Quad State Bass Club founder and former President, Mr. Thomas Campbell Sr. is appointed as Quad State Bass Club Charter President for the remainder of the existence of this organization.

 Section 5.       


A.    The elections of officers of the club shall be biannual in January.

B.    The officers shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.         

 Section 6.       

No person may be nominated or elected as an officer of the Quad State Bass Club unless he/she shall have been an active paid member of the Quad State Bass Club for two (2) consecutive years, immediately prior to his/her election.

Section 7.       

Any member may not hold more than one elective office.  But any member may hold, in addition to his/her elective office, one or more specially appointed offices.

ARTICLE V: Finance.                     

Section 1.       

Dues and assessment from member clubs and general membership, as well as other contributions as specified in the Bylaws shall finance Quad State activities.

Section 2.       

The fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st.

Section 3.       

The board prior to the fiscal year shall approve the fiscal budget.

Section 4.       

Contributions:  Contributions made, from time to time to the Quad State for its use in furtherance of its objectives and purposes, may be used promptly, in the discretion of the Board to carry out the objectives and purposes of this club.

Section 5.       

All disbursements shall be by a system established by the Board.  All purchases or spending in excess of five percent (5%) of the annual club budget will be with the approval of the Board unless in the case of emergency and then with the approval of the President of the Board followed by a timely report to the Board.

ARTICLE VI: Parliamentary Authority.

Robert’s Rule of Order, latest edition, shall serve as the parliamentary authority for the club.

ARTICLE VII.  Financial Obligations and Dues.

Section 1.       

The membership clubs shall pay to the Quad State the annual dues of $10.00 per current club member.  General membership individual dues are currently $25.00 annually with allowable increases by Board majority vote.

Section 2.       

The Dues structure is determined by the Board, and shall be paid no later than March 15th of each year.  Any additional dues shall be paid no later than September 15th of each year.

ARTICLE VIII.  Conflicts.

Whenever conflicts exist between the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the club, the provision of the latter shall prevail.

ARTICLE IX. Committees.

Section 1.       

The standing committees of Quad State shall be Tournament Committee, Budget and Finance Committee,          Membership Committee, Lake Selection Committee, Fund Raising Committee and Youth Committee.                      

Section 2.        The President shall appoint the chairperson and members of each committee.

ARTICLE X.  Tournaments.

Section 1.       

Quad State shall sponsor two general tournaments a year, in the months of April and October.

Section 2.       

Special tournaments (non-general) will be held, with approval of the Board as well as two-thirds majority vote of the Board present.

Section 3.       

The name and date of the member club with the heaviest weight for two (2) days during the general tournament will be added to the Quad State plaque.  This plaque will remain with the winning member club until the next general tournament is held.  The plaque must be returned to the Quad State President either by mail or brought to the next general tournament.

ARTICLE XI.  Adoption of Bylaws and Amendments.

At the semi-annual or special called meetings of the Board, when the Board has been duly informed and notified, the Bylaws and amendments to it shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Board members present.

ARTICLE XII.  Bylaw Amendments.

Amendment One, updated, approved and duly recorded in meeting minutes dated June 26, 2004.