Wendell Williams and Carl Raymond Win Bayou Signet

The team of Wendell Williams and Carl Raymond of the Jaguar Bass Busters out of Baton Rogue, Louisiana  won the Quad State Bass Club Team Tournament at Bayou Signet located at Westwego, Louisiana. The team ended Saturday in second place with 5 bass 10.63. They pulled ahead Sunday with 5 bass 8.18 for a total of 18.81 for the win. Carl Raymond was a first timer at a Quad State Bass Club event and received an award. Second place went to Michael Carter and Dudley Gibson of the Jaguar Bass Busters. The team lead the first day with 5 fish 10.85 but fell short on Sunday with 4 fish 6.94 for total of 17.79. Michael Carter also won in the Quad State Bass Club Angler of the Year tournament. Third place went to Jimmie Brown and Tim Jenkins of the Metro Area Bass Club out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Fourth place went to Carl Barrett and Greg Davis of the Dallas Bass Hookers out of Dallas, Texas and fifth place went to Arthur Seals and Charles Dixon of the Dallas Bass Hookers. A good time was had by all thru out the New Orleans area and special thanks to Jaguar Bass Buster for hosting the event. Thanks to all Quad State Bass Club members for their support.